Club Projects

  Visit to the Memory Cafe, Strawberry Hill, Dunsford   July 26th 2018 

 We were invited to visit the cafe to see the wooden bench that we had donated to  and they also wanted a waist height Planter. This was made by Lion Neil Moxey, free of charge from his father's old kitchen table. This was just what they wanted. We also talked to the dementia people present, and their carers. A professional lady was massaging hands, and painting finger nails. Advice was given about having library books delivered  to them, if they couldn't get to a library.

bench for Memory Cafe,DunsfordWaist -High Planter made by Lion Neil Moxey

Inscription on the benchExeter West club Lions Standing behind new bench that we donated to


 One of the projects of  Lions District  105SW,(to which Exeter West club belong).is collecting blue milk bottle tops. At present, District has collected 750,000. These are sent to a special centre in Portsmouth where they are ground down to a powder. This is made into utensils such as buckets and spades and similar items. The money made from the sale of these of these items is donated to the Multiple sclerosis society, so  a worthwhile project


Litter Pick -Autumn2016(3)14 people turned out on a glorious sunny day to pick up litter, four of them being members of Exeter West Lions club, plus Tilly, a lovely Collie dog belonging to Lion Lesley. Between them, they collected 16 sacks of litter and discarded rubbish, lots of cans, bottles, wrappers, and cigarette ends from sites where builders had been working, Here is a photograph of all the helpers, including Lion president Mike, his wife Jenny, Lion Lesley, and Lion Martin 

 Lion President Mike Mitchell's yearly report 2016/2017

Donations to worthy causesFund raising,helping in community,social and Awards

      As my year as President ends, here are the figures for fundraising, and the charities we gave to  "Shop" is the Lions charity shop at Ivybridge.


Peace poster entry 2017 Several of our local schools took part in the competition this year, and a pupil at Steiner Academy was the winner. Here is the winning poster, by 11 year old pupil, Seth Winfield, with the Express & Echo news report:-                                                  

   " Stunning Poster" wins Local Competition.

11 year old Seth Winfield, pupil at the Steiner Academy was described as "Stunning and Original" by local artist and judge Mrs Sheila Westcott. His thoughtful illustration of peace and conflict, and the quality of the painting, set this entry apart as a clear winner --" an unforgettable poster". The winner's poster will now be  judged, alongside other winning posters from other entries from the rest of the South West of England. and if successful could progress to National level.

 Exeter West Lion member Keith Worters, who has overseen the local contest, said that, although there were fewer entries this year, it was clear that a lot of effort and imagination had gone into the exercise. Those who came first and second in each school were given prizes of art materials, and all who participated were given certificates

.Winners were   Steiner Academy 1. Seth Winfield ,2=  Sophie Phillips, joint 2nd Lois Perry..St Thomas Primary School  1.Ruby Davison  2. Charlotte Gardner

Winning Peace Poster

Peace poster winner Seth Winfield  

The Subject for this year's Peace Poster was 

"Celebration of Peace"

Winning entry for  the Peace Poster Competition this year was Hannah  Lishman,a pupil at Kenn Primary School

Hannah Lishman with her winning poster

And a picture of the poster

The first and second winning entries out of 97 entries 

To the left, Bethan Westcott- Storey (second) and winner Hannah Lishman

                   All the entrants  from Kenn Primary School

World peace posters entered for our competition

The entries were judged by local artist Sheila Westcott. She found the standard of entries was high, and Hannah's poster was chosen as the winner, for encompassing all elements of the subject, "Celebration of Peace", showing much skill and imagination. The winner's work will be judged alongside other winning posters entered by other children in the South West of England, and if successful could progress to national and then international level. 

Five local schools entered and our club member Lion Keith Worters was the co-ordinator of the whole project, so well done Keith.  

    Exwick Community Projects

Sue Bulled,community co-ordinator for Exwick.helper Dave and Lion Clif            Exwick children enjoying helping

Bernaville Nurseries generous donations,loaded into back of delivery van

Above, Jocelyn, co-ordinator for Bernaville Nurseries

with, helper Dave from Exwick Community projects and Lion Clif, Welfare chairman. for our Lions club

Our club is providing support to make a garden on waste ground near their Community Hall, in Kinnerton Way, Exwick .Their co-ordinator, Sue Bulled, approached our club about buying some gardening materials. Our welfare  chairman Lion Clif, got in touch with our local Bernaville Nurseries, who were kind enough to donate lots of items including bags of compost, seeds, pots and garden tools. Sue then set to work getting the local residents involved in starting the planting, and found that the children liked to help too. Here are some photos of the donations Sue ,with helper Dave and Lion Clif, also the children enjoying their involvement.

Exwick Community Fun day, held in the local park July 23rd 2016

President Lion Mike with members of our club,with Sue and Councillor RobLocal residents and their children came along on a lovely summer day to enjoy face painting, tea and cakes, along with games. Two local mums (on right of photo) went around asking what improvements people would like to see in the park, Lots of suggestions were made including picnic benches, a track along the back with animal figures, and a waste bin with a lid!--the present one hasn't got one, and the seagulls have a field day!. Luckily the local councillor  attended the gathering and he promised a new bin very soon.

The Community centre asked if our club could provide them with a shed, to keep their garden tools, plant pots etc in. Our club agreed to this request and at the end of August a shed to fit in the available space was delivered and assembled my our Lion President, Mike Mitchell and Lion Peter Collins. Local councillor Rob Hannaford and Community Organiser Sue Bulled, were also there to view it. Here are some photos.

New shed for Exwick Commuity centre garden project