Donations to charities




The Purchase of an apple watch to assist a blind girl with schoolwork.

A £100 donation for the local Alzheimer’s group

Assisted the (ELF) Exeter Leukaemia Fund with a bucket Collection

Took part in a walk raising funds for the Exeter Diabetes group

Presented £1000 to (ELF) Exeter Leukaemia Fund

Presented £500 to Balloons Charity for bereaved Children.

Presented £500 to The Exeter MS Centre

Presented £500 to local Riding for the disabled.(Acorns & Squirrels)

Presented £500 to CLIC Sergeant (Childhood Leukaemia

Gave £50 towards Christmas food at the Memory Café.

Helped with a Christmas Collection for the FORCE Charity.

(Collection raised £204 the club increased this to £500)

Donated £100 for Christmas Food at St Petrock’s homeless charity.

Donated £100 to help the memory café provide speakers at their meetings.

Raised £228.25 for ELF with a Tesco collection.

Donated £100 to the LCIF Australian Bush Fire appeal.

Following the COVID outbreak.

Donated £1000 to CHSW

Donated £500 to Hospiscare

Donated £500 to St Petrock’s

Easter Egg draw disrupted but did give £160 to the BOUNCE Charity.

Helped the Exeter community initiative by providing £250 to purchase Home Schooling Equipment for 25 families with no computer or internet access. 

Donated £600 to provide meals for those not able to attend the West bank Centre

Provided £500 to the Lions Clubs International disaster fund

Donated Food for fifty Christmas Dinners,

Donated £1000 to Hospiscare

PREVIOUSLY 2018 - 2019

At our business meeting on March 6th,2018,we donated £250 to "Dogs for Good". We were very impressed with the speaker from this association, Mike accompanied by his wife Sue, and her Dog for Good, Merlin. Sue has been in a wheelchair for 30 years, and her husband cared for her and couldn't go out to work. But Merlin changed all that! He is trained to put clothes in the washing machine and take them out, pick up things she has dropped. If she falls and is conscious, he gets the phone for her. If she is unconscious, he barks loudly---the only time he ever barks The neighbours know this and come to her rescue. This organisation is run purely on donations as it is a charity NOT funded at all by government. Sue's life has changed totally ,as her husband feels that she is in safe "Paws" and can go out with confidence. A wonderful organisation.

At our business meeting on April 3rd 2018,we donated £300 to Lee Chivers, who runs a programme called "Ripple effect" to buy equipment. This is a project to help people who are recent ex drug addicts, to give them something new to learn, which in this case is Rock Climbing. Lee transports people to the rock climbing area, and therefore needs harnesses and strong ropes. The more he has, the more people he can take, and this project has enabled people to stay off drugs, and train to be an instructor and therefore help more people.

Lion President Dave Lyon handing a cheque for £1000 to Ruth Tandy,for Diabetes Research

 Presented at our Dinner meeting May 15th 2018. 

 Each year, our Lion President for his year, chooses a charity to donate £1000 to. This year, President Lion David Lyon, decided to support Exeter University's Diabetes Research programme, which is researching into Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, for better treatments, as they have found that the types are not clear cut, and may be mixed. Better testing and treatment will be the end result. Here is a photo of Lion President Dave Lyon presenting the cheque to Ruth Tandy, Fund Raising Co-ordinator for Diabetes UK Research

Every year we donate £350 to both Water Wells and Sight-savers

Water Wells is supported by our worldwide Lions International Organisation of nearly 1.5 million members, which provide clean water to Third World countries.

Sight-savers is also supported by all our worldwide members. We send surgeons and opticians to third world countries to remove cataracts, and treat eye infections and problems. The people/children are all treated free of charge

 On December 11th 2018,we donated a warm winter horse blanket to a horse called SOOTY, that our club had partly paid for in 2017, for Acorns and Squirrels riding school to use for disabled children to have experience of learning to ride, and the children LOVE him. Here are a couple of photos of Sooty, proudly wearing his new blanket, one side with his name on it, and the other side with our club Logo, EXETER WEST LIONS CLUB :-

Sooty with his new blanket with his name on it Dec 11th 2018

Sooty's new blanket,with our Lions Club Logo on it Dec 11th 2018