Induction of new member.

On Tuesday March 6th 2018 we badged up a new  Lion member of our club.

 Her name is Aimee Foster and at aged 19,she is our club's youngest member

Here are a couple of photos of her Induction

Aimee Foster being badged up as a LIon Member Past president Mike Mitchell with membership chairman,Martin Fairley,reading the code of Ethics and Lions club purposes , then Aimee replied that she accepted.She was then badged up by P.P Mike.Here is a photo.Aimee being badged up as a Lion

          Induction of a new member July 2nd 2019

At our business meeting at the Ley Arms,Kenn,Danny Moxey was enrolled into our club Exeter West Lions.He is following in a family tradition as his father Neil Moxey and brother Ashley Moxey are members and so was his late grandfather Sid Moxey.

Lion Clif Cane read out the ETHICS AND PURPOSES of Lions International.President Lion Martin Fairley then read out that our club had agreed to accept Danny as a member and did he agree to follow the Ethics of Lions,and wish to become a member,to which Danny said "Yes".

Lion President Martin Fairley then pinned his Lions badge on him. All members then lined up to shake his hand and welcomed into our club.

Here is a photo Lion President Martin,enrolling Danny Moxey into Exeter West Lions clubof President Martin,Danny Moxey and his father Neil on the right.

                 Induction of a new member August 6th 2019

At our business meeting on August 6th 2019,at the Ley Arms Kenn,Norman Denham was enrolled as a new member into our club of Exeter West Lions.

Lion Reg Williams read out the Ethics and Purpose of Lions International.

Lion President Martin Fairley then said that our club members had agreed to Norman becoming a member of our club,and asked Norman if he agreed with the ethics as stated ,and did he wish to become a Lion member.Norman said he would ,and accepted the rules as stated. As his sponsor,Lion Reg Williams then pinned his Lions Badge  (which is a Centennial special badge to celebrate 100 years since Lions Clubs were first formed in Chicago)and shook hands to welcome him as a member.Then all the Lions went one by one to shake hands and welcome him.

Here is a photo of Norman having his badge pinned on him with Lion President Martin in the middle

Induction of new Lion Norman Denham

Induction of new member to Exeter West Lions Club

On October 3rd 2019 we enrolled a new member James Balasundaram.He was sponsored by member Lion Clifton Cane,who read out the Ethics and purposes of Lions.James then responded that he agreed to follow these ethics and wished to become a member of Exeter West Lions Club.Lion Clifton then pinned his Lion member's badge to him,and Lion President Martin Fairley welcomed Lion James into our club.All members then shook his hand and welcomed him as a new member. Here are a few photos of the occasion.

Lion Clif Cane reading out the Lions Code of Ethics to prospective member James Balasundaran,with Lion president Martin FairleyLion Clif Cane pinning Lion Membership bdge onto new Lion James


           Induction of another new member

On October 15th 2019 we enrolled a new member Chris Blick to our Lions Club of Exeter West. after the code of ethics was read out to him and he then read out that he accepted them and wished to become a member,his sponsor Lion Ashley Moxey pinned his membership Lions badge onto him. Lion President Martin Fairley then shook his hand and welcomed into our club.All members present then lined up to shake his hand. Here are some photos of the ceremony.

Lion Clif,Lion President Martin,Chris Blick and his sponsor Lion Ashley MoxeyLion Ashley Moxey (sponsor) pinning Lion Member's badge to new Lion member Chris Blick.October 15th 2019